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What Are The Routes Available After You Are Done With O Level?

Being done with your O Level is an exciting feeling. You can’t wait to delve into the next phase of your life. But it’s important to take the next step with careful consideration, as it will pave the way for your future. There is a wide variety of options available. 

You can walk the traditional path or choose a more innovative journey. Either way, this article will guide you through possible options you can choose. 

Junior College

Down the traditional route, Junior College remains a popular choice among students. Junior College is a good option for students from an O Level background! It’s a two-year program that lands you with an internationally recognized A Level certificate.

Junior College requires intense study that prepares you for your chosen career path. It is an ideal path for technical career paths like Medical and Engineering. The dynamic learning environment allows students to develop critical thinking, research skills, and expertise, laying a strong foundation for university life. 

Since A Levels is such a tough competition, you need all the help you can get to succeed. Having experienced teachers ready to assist you, Peak Tuitions can help you through the Junior College route. Fill out this form to enroll in classes as soon as you finish your O Level!

Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

The Institute of Technical Education is an excellent option after O Level for students tired of conventional theoretical learning. ITE takes a more practical approach, providing skills and real-time training. You are training to receive a higher NITEC certificate qualification.

ITE is favorable for candidates wishing to join the workforce or technical industries. Professional training equips students with the expertise needed in the healthcare, engineering, information technology, and Hospitality industries. So, if you are looking for real-time and practical training, go for ITE after O Level. 

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Another noteworthy option for students completing their O Level is the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The Internation Baccalaureate is known for its challenging yet universally applicable curriculum.

Although the IB program starts from a much lower primary level, they offer a shorter two-year course for students after O Level. The International Baccalaureate program is specifically known to teach a wide range of subjects, with a general skill-based approach. The IB program is great for anyone who wishes to go abroad. Confused whether you should opt for A Levels or IB? Read our comparison article to find out!


The Polytechnic option is a route you should consider after you complete O Level. Similar to IB, it is internationally recognized but more practical and skill-based. The great thing about polytechnic is that you get a diploma and don’t have to do university if you don’t want to. You can start working right after if that’s what you want. 

Unlike A Levels, polytechnic offers a wider variety of courses like nursing, engineering, and hospitality. The flexibility, real-time experience, and career prospects make it an attractive option. If you are looking to be job-ready upon graduation, this may be the option for you.

Retaking Your O Level

If you don’t meet the requirements to pursue your desired option, don’t worry. Retaking your O Level is always an option. Improving your grades may seem nearly impossible, but it can be achievable with proper guidance. Look for experienced tutors who can help you out in your pursuit. Peak Tuition has many well-trained tutors that can elevate your academic performance. Fill out this form to enroll in our classes right away. 

Join our A Level Program at Peak Tuitions

If you decide to pursue A Levels after completing your O Levels, consider enrolling at Peak Tuition. We provide high-quality education and support students with all the help they need. Through experienced tutors, comprehensive study material, and a motivating environment, our students can unlock their full academic potential. You are welcome to join our program and experience the environment firsthand. 



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