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Understanding O Level Chinese Curriculum

Singapore’s O Level Chinese curriculum ensures that students master their most spoken language in every aspect. While speaking a language is easy, thoroughly learning it for your exams is hard. That’s why many students encounter trouble in taking O Level Chinese exams.

We have discussed the detailed O Level Chinese curriculum of Singapore in this article. After reading it, you will learn the benefits, challenges, and key objectives associated with this scary language subject!

Areas Tested in the Chinese Curriculum

The key areas assessed in O Level Chinese curriculum are writing, reading, speaking, understanding Chinese, and listening. 

  • The writing part tests if you are an expert in Chinese or a novice. Teachers teach many tricky Chinese vocabulary and take grammar tests to help them prepare for this paper. You can learn more about improving your Chinese writing skills here.
  • Reading paper checks your fluency in the language. To ace this paper, you can learn some tips for improving your Chinese reading skills by clicking here.
  • An oral exam assets how you speak the Mandarin dialect and marks you according to your fluency.
  • The curriculum also focuses on reading between the lines in the text and answering questions about it. 
  • Finally, the listening part tests how quickly you grasp and understand Chinese.

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Chinese Curriculum Main Objectives

The assessment objectives of testing the above-mentioned areas in the O Level Chinese curriculum are:

  • Use accurate punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Identify the tone and targeted audience when writing essays. 
  • Interpret ideas conveyed in the texts. 
  • Answer each question sensibly in correct Chinese according to the given text.
  • Read Chinese carefully and fluently, and pronounce each word in the best dialect.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the Chinese words and use them to express your opinions.
  • Understand the words clearly when hearing someone speak Chinese. 

These objectives will automatically be fulfilled, once you prepare for your exams according to the O Level Chinese curriculum. It will make you an expert in the language!

Benefits of O-Level Chinese Curriculum

The Singapore Ministry of Education has prepared this curriculum with many benefits to the pupils. Let’s look at some of the advantages of the O Level Chinese curriculum:

  • If you ace your O Level Chinese exams, you can be exempted from H1 Chinese when entering Junior College. 
  • It makes you fluent in the language, and you can easily communicate with people who speak Chinese. 
  • Writing Chinese essays widens your creative thinking. 
  • It also gives you a deeper understanding of conveying your feelings in Chinese. 
  • Since many people in Singapore speak the Mandarin dialect of Chinese, mastering the language gives you higher respect in society. 

Challenges in Preparing for O-Level Chinese Curriculum

There are lots of hurdles that you may face when preparing for your O Level Chinese exams. We have listed some of the common challenges in learning the curriculum:

  • The first problem is learning rich vocabulary as students find memorizing difficult words hard. 
  • Understanding grammar and punctuation is another major issue. It takes months of practice to become a pro at using accurate grammar and sentence structures.
  • Not every student is eloquent in speaking Chinese, so the oral exam is the hardest to score in. 
  • Comprehension has been a nightmare for every O Level student. Retrieving information from a Chinese text requires good reading skills. 

The worst part is the listening paper because many pupils are not very attentive and do not understand the spoken text easily. However, there are many Secondary Chinese tuitions in Singapore to help you, and Peak Tuition is one of them. 

Master Your Chinese Language With Us

At Peak Tuition, we offer numerous facilities for O Level students that encourage them to learn every subject with fun and interest. All the teachers are approved by the Ministry of Education and follow the national O Level Chinese curriculum. So, what are you waiting for? Book a trial lesson at discounted prices and quickly enroll in our classes to become an expert in Chinese!



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